Saturday, 22 July 2017

Topic 1 : Getting Ready To Learn

7th June 2017

Getting Ready To Learn

At this date, It was my first ever Study Skills class that was conducted by YBrs. Dr Fauzi bin Azmi. All the students were gathered in the hall.

He explained a lot of things to students . We have 7 syllabus contents that need to learn until the interim session come to the end.

  • Getting Ready To Learn
  • Goal Setting
  • Library & Campus Resources
  • Time Management & Organizational Skills
  • Memory Learning & Improving Concentration
  • Taking Lecture Notes
  • Academic Integrity & Performances

We also have assessment that we need to do

  • Assignment (Video) = 40 %
  • E. Portfolio = 60 %
    Total = 100%
Other than that, he added that the students are not in the school anymore because the school life and the univeristy life are different.

Gearing up For University
  • Attendance must be 80% and above
  • Fewer reasons for excused absences
  • Responsible for your own learning & behaviour
  • Instructors don' tell you what exactly notes to take
  • You spend less time in class
  • You can drop a class